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The Queer Witch Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Hello, beautiful witches, and welcome to the first episode of the Queer Witch Podcast. Mercury just stationed direct at the same time as a new moon, both in Aries. Aries is the sign of starting new projects, Mercury stationing direct means that it is a good time to take action, and a New Moon is an amazing time to plant new seeds and ask for new blessings, so it felt like the perfect time to finally share what I’ve been working on with you all.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Joy. I am a queer witch and healer. I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, a tarot card reader and an astrologer by trade. I spend a lot of time working with others on their healing journeys, and I’ve noticed some strong trends and frequently asked questions among my clients. On this podcast, I will share those with you, as well as bring in some of my peers, mentors, clients and rolemodels for interviews on the subject of queer magick.


My vision for this podcast is to explore the intersection between witchcraft and queerness. I’ve noticed a strong correlation between magick-mindedness and queerness. So many of the witches I know also fall somewhere in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. "Why is this?" I asked myself. In the following episode, I answer my question.