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The Queer Witch Podcast

Jul 18, 2018

This week Anna Joy talks to Corinna of Rise Up! Good Witch


Corinna Rosella is a self-proclaimed 'good magic witch' living in humboldt county, california. she uses wildcrafted and garden grown herbs to make magical plant medicine, and uses 8 years of in-depth tarot insight to tell folks stories about their barriers and setbacks. The tarot is an old ancient way of applying human archetypes to human conditions, and offers us powerful tools in making the changes we need. “


We talk about:


-Chiron in Aries and Corinna remembering how trauma and mental illness displaced a childhood alignment with witchcraft as she moved into teenage and and young adulthood


-how Rise Up! Good Witch came at the end of 20 years of trying to control and suppress her empathic abilities and downplay her quirky qualities, when memories of childhood potion making began bubblin up




-how Corinna’s punk background sort of prevented her from getting into the witch subculture for a while


-being a non-woo social justice witch and how it can be hard to identify with spiritual communities who aren’t


-why the phrase “low-vibration” doesn’t mean shit


-how trying to be “less intense” and not talk about “low vibrational” stuff led Corinna down a difficult path and how much better she feels being a weirdo witch!!


-mental health stigma in new age communities


-How being unabashedly queer is not only magickal, but anti-capitalist!


-Acknowledging our cishet-passing privilege


-Chiron in taurus and we chat about our natal charts


-Challenging ourselves to do better and investigate internalized systems of oppression as collective self-care


-How opposing and dismantling colonialism and white supremacy makes the world a healthier place for everyone


Corinna’s podcast, the Rise Up! Good Witch Podcast can be found at


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Corinna’s Instagram is @Riseupgoodwitch


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The Queer Witch Podcast is on Instagram @thequeerwitchpodcast and Anna Joy is @annajoyhealing