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The Queer Witch Podcast

Aug 1, 2018

This week is all about SECURING THAT BAG. Making your money work for you and your anti-oppression work. Becoming profitable in a way that makes you feel MORE authentic rather than less so. This episode is a must listen for all recovering crust punks, guilty privileged people and witchy entrepreneurs.


Matthew VanHorn, this week’s guest, delivers and inspiring and highkey mindblowing interview about his work at LGBTQ Entrepreneur, a company he founded with his partner Caleb Arring (who runs a podcast called Beyond Gender) that is dedicated to helping LGBTQ folks develop their business goals, processes and mindset. How do they do that? You guessed it- by helping their clients STEP FULLY INTO THEIR BADASS AUTHENTIC SELVES!


In this episode you will discover:


-How to get over your fear of being fabulous


-using Queer Magick as a replacement for booze & drugs


- The notion of “Queerness” as “accepting of taboo desires”


-Creating success from a collective paradigm and giving up the myth of “Pulling yourself up by the bootstraps” - Who made those bootstraps anyway?!


-How a fear of asking for help is the same as a fear of intimacy


-The Strength card in the Tarot as a lesson in the vulnerability it takes for us to be authentic in our queer selves.


-Matthew teaches us how to breathe and flow through the discomfort of vulnerability.


-Anna Joy & Matthew discuss why making money as a queer person is so important for combating systems of injustice, how social justice can motivate you to overcome your money blocks rather than solidify them, and how to build an ethical business model that gives back to the community rather than take away from it.


Link to Anna Joy’s episode of Beyond Gender Podcast


Find Matthew & Caleb’s work & Weekend Events at:


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Tune in after the break on August 22nd for an interview with Christopher Penczak, author of such pagan tomes as Inner Temple of Witchcraft, Gay Witchcraft and City Magick.