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The Queer Witch Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

CN: This episode & show notes discuss sexual assault


A two-fer you may not have expected: the connection between sexual assault and creative manifestation. But how? Read on, listen or watch!


This week Anna Joy is talking about why queer representation is so essential in discussions and activism about sexual assault. This episode includes Anna Joy describing her own experiences with sexual assault and how healing from her assaults has required a dedication to uncovering her personal sexual desires. This is a very vulnerable episode and a passionate one that will strike a chord with every Queer Witch who has ever felt like their desires are taboo, unwelcome or dangerous in our society.


Did you know that queer folks - especially bisexual and trans folks - are MORE likely to experience sexual assault in their lifetime compared with cis & het women?? And yet the #metoo movement focuses almost exclusively on the experiences of cis & het women. Anna Joy discusses all this and MORE in this episode which is all about queer desire as a tool for manifestation and change.


Yes that’s right Queer Witch, that same nonconforming desire that has been violently targeted your whole life is actually a valuable tool you can use to change the world to match your vision. This isn’t hogwash “just believe it and you can manifest it” white-washed, cis-woman-empowerment new age BULLSHIT. This is Queer Witches taking the very real POLITICAL and SURVIVAL action of making their desire and creativity work for THEM.

The beauty of this episode is that when you DO reclaim your desire from patriarchal violence through healing modalities, you get better access to your power to manifest.


In this episode you will learn about the connection between desire, creativity and manifestation. You will learn how to access you desire, how healing from sexual trauma is an act of witchcraft - ESPECIALLY for Queer Witches - and some essential, simple techniques you can easily try at home to possess your desire and enact your brilliant will on the world around you.





Statistics on sexual assault of LGBTQ+ individuals:


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