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The Queer Witch Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

I recently had the chance to sit down with a friend and peer of mine in the tarot reading scene, RUUNE. As you may have guessed, RUUNE takes their moniker from the well-known divination method of the same name. What I find interesting about RUUNE’s journey into becoming a seasoned tarot reader is that it began with their dedication to music and an interest in videogames. In the beginning of this interview, RUUNE gives us some excellent practical lessons about reading the runes. We also discuss the importance of being critical and open-minded about your sources for learning about ancient divination practises, as well as RUUNE’s philosophy and mindset as a professional tarot reader. Anyone who is interested in performing readings for the public will definitely find some nuggets  of wisdom nestled in this interview. Best of all, RUUNE is a really humble and positive person who’s a breath of fresh air to speak with about almost anything.