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The Queer Witch Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Today, I bring you a super valuable episode of the Queer Witch Podcast with Geovanny Manrique Interiano, who I will refer to as Iyawo because he recently was initiated into his religion, Santería!

What’s super unique about Iyawo is that his predominant spiritual contact is through dead people! He is a medium and espiritista who has had contact with the other side since he was a little baby, which he tells you all about. Iyawo was also gracious enough to give us a personal narrative of his path to discovering the right mentors and connecting with the ile (or house) that he was initiated into! He also describes the cultural diffusion of Santería as it was brought in slave ships and then dispersed across the new world. Then, we get into the connection between coming out as queer and coming out as a witch, how all religions are steeped in the dynamics of the dominant culture, and our thoughts on how and why the millennial generation is having a spiritual awakening.

Also, Iyawo has suggested a very special segment for upcoming episodes of The Queer Witch Podcast where you, the listener, can ask a question and have it answered by us! So stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out how you can participate.

To contact Iyawo for questions, tarot readings or guidance, you can find him on Facebook (Geovanny Manrique Interiano) or on Instagram @brujxs_cauldron

To submit a question for me & Iyawo to answer on the podcast, email or dm (and follow!) the podcast's instagram @thequeerwitch