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The Queer Witch Podcast

May 1, 2018

In this solo episode, Anna Joy offers her experiences & conclusions about the connection between desire & anxiety, how her personal healing work helped her understand how to approach anxiety. She also shares some techniques that are easy to build into your own healing practice to help expand your desire and manage your anxiety.


Plus, Anna Joy leads you on a short guided meditation from the book “Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose and the Power of Desire” by T Thorn Coyle, which you can listen to again & again.


The name of Anna Joy's Akashic Record practitioner, also known as Soul Realignment, is Karen Sikorski and her work can be found at


The name of Anna Joy's shamanic healer is Elise Hayden-Ferdman and she can be reached at


To work with Anna Joy, email her at or DM her on instagram @annajoyhealing. There is even a coupon for $10 off your first tarot reading or reiki session for being a follower of the podcast. The code is PODCAST and is redeemable for services at