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The Queer Witch Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Climate change! Capitalism! Millennials! What is apocalyptic witchcraft and how can we use this pre-apocalyptic foreboding to make our lives more joyful and present rather than succumb to immobility and paralysis?


This week Anna Joy talks with dear friend, astrology peer, and hot-take-haver, the Firebrand Witch


We get into:


-Apocalypse, cyborgs, the Internet


-12th house witches, death, rebirth and integration.


-A deep and thorough investigation into upcoming astrology, including: Pluto stationing direct on Sept 30 and a review of Jupiter in Scorpio over the past year as we prepare for Jupiter moving into Sag on Nov 8


-inter-generational astrology, the link between the Millennial generation and the ones that come before and after.


This episode is basically Jupiter energy personified. You will laugh. You will laugh some more. You will hear us talk really fast and excitedly. We are pals, and we could probably talk excitedly for like 3 hours about any astrology subject.


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