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The Queer Witch Podcast

Nov 1, 2018

This is a comfy episode. It’s all about family, loved ones and friends, living and dead. Sit down with some pumpkin spice tea, a snuggie and your dearly beloved for this All Hallow’s Eve special.


In this episode, Anna Joy keeps it casual with some personal reflection on how she got to her current ancestor practice, how it’s grown, and the ways it has allowed miracles to go down with her living family members. #vulnerability


Anna Joy discusses why she had a hard start to her ancestor practice - hint, memories of childhood abuse and estrangement from living family members - and how surprised she was when ancestor work came through to help her heal from the very pains that initially made ancestral healing seem like a no-go.


She discusses the importance - and misconceptions - around finding mentorship with living witches. She discusses relating to your dearly beloved in terms that make both of you feel safe. And, at the very end, you can Pray-Along with Anna Joy as she channels a special prayer for ancestral healing that can help realign our intergenerational narrative from one of oppression and confusion to one of solidarity and righteousness.


Plus, receive a free bonus download of a tarot spread Anna Joy designed just for your ancestors. And you.


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