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The Queer Witch Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

Welcome to Season 2 of The Queer Witch Podcast!


Queer Witch Manifesto:

-There is always more to learn

-Respect all life

-Be yourself


This week, we are catching up with RUUNE, a guest from Season 1, Episode 2. RUUNE recently moved from Western MA to Portland. We discuss the differences between both places, catch up with RUUNE about their work, and get some intimate info about where they are at now with their attitudes toward healing, cultural appropriation and magick.


We discuss:

-What it’s like when a magickal practice that you used to love starts feeling icky

-How to approach healing when you’re pretty sure complete healing is impossible

-RUUNE takes us on a personal narrative about how he observed the alt-right come into power in part via chaos magick and how we’re literally living through a political witch war right now.

-RUUNE discusses his upcoming album, Neptune in and premieres a song for us called “Divination”


To find RUUNE, hear the rest of the album and support their work:

@ruunemagick on instagram (website of Fake Four, the record label putting out RUUNE’s new album)


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