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The Queer Witch Podcast

Jun 5, 2018

In this week's interview, Anna Joy interviews Joshua Berkowitz, a psychic reader, astrologer and spiritual healer who, in Anna's words, is the most theologically-minded millennial she's met! In this in-depth interview, Joshua is kind enough to share alot about:


-being magickal as a Jewish man


-the limitations of the theory of the law of attraction within the mundane world and how each person has their own experience with it


-the subtleties of gender identity as someone who has lived as a woman and is now called to explore a non-toxic masculinity


-the tomboy/sissy dynamic and how our society rewards maleness and punishes femaleness


-how religion has historically created a caste system that queer witches must thoughtfully rise up against it without demonizing the people who suffer because of it


and finally, Anna Joy's fave subject:


-SHAME and whether or not our trauma has meaning!


Joshua can be reached at @jwmberkowitz on instagram or find his website

Special Addendum: After Joshua and I recorded this episode, we both had some questions about the statement that white spiritual practitioners should make their services more accessible to people of color. After some more discussion and research, we realized there is a lot more complexity to this issue than we addressed in our discussion. Specifically, it is important to understand that people of color have their own cultural spiritual practices that we as white practitioners should never attempt to overshadow. Rather than offering unrequested reduced rates for people of color, we feel it is more important for white practitioners to incorporate financial reparations to communities of color. Giving back financially and energetically to communities who’s spiritual practices have been marginalized and appropriated by white spirituality is far more important than advertising  services to people of color. If anyone has questions or suggestions about this topic that they would like addressed on the Queer Witch podcast, please send them to We thank you for your attention!