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The Queer Witch Podcast

Oct 12, 2018

As we draw closer to Halloween, aka Samhain, aka the time when the veil between the spirit and the living worlds are connected, it is a perfect time to welcome Maeanna Welti, author of the Healing Wheel Samhain-to-Samhain workbook, to The Queer Witch Podcast.


This episode is a must-listen for any queer witch out there who has ever felt like maybe being a human is a bit of a drag. Maeanna gives really incredible insight on the special, magickal, spiritual powers we have not in spite of, but BECAUSE of our human forms. This is wheel of the year work, witches!


In this interview, we discuss:


-Spherical versus Linear; an approach to gender as well as time. Exspherience the difference!


-The bright side of being trapped in a human body. Human magick, such as time magick, the wheel of the year, and other forms of magick that are unique to humans, bringing spiritual experiences to the material realm.


-the bright star above and the dark star below, a grounding exercise


-what wheel of the year work is, and how working with the temporal changes in your location can intensify you magick, plus some sneak peeks from the Healing Wheel workbook about the year ahead and what to pay attention to!

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